Pirkanmaan jätehuolto Oy, a Tampere region waste management company, ordered Finnish MariMatic Oy's automated pipe collection system supply for Vuores joint district waste management, the value of the first phase being 9,5 million Euros

Vuores is a joint district of Tampere and Lempäälä being currently developed in the area located on the borderline of Tampere and Lempäälä. The joint district consists of Virolainen, Rimmi and Koukkujärvi districts together with Vuoreskeskus East and West with already approved developing and building plans.

In addition the joint district includes Pirttisuo-Isokuusi and Lempäälä districts with yet unconfirmed building plans. The Vuores joint district is designed and implemented in a unique manner connecting cutting-edge technology with the nature. Vuores future residents will move into an environment which pioneers a future residential model in Europe. By the year 2015 the joint district will be equipped with housing for more than 13 000 residents and other facilities for 3.000 - 5.000 employees. The waste management company, the Pirkanmaan jätehuolto Oy´s new subsidiary company, shall be established to manage the Vuores joint district waste collection. The company shall build and own the automated pipe collection system.

Automatic waste collection system

MetroTaifun automated waste collection system will collect the waste in its initial phase in the Virolainen Housing Fair area at the start of the fair in 2012. The system will continue to expand following the construction of districts and in 2015 the MetroTaifun system collects the waste in the entire joint district of 13.000 inhabitants. Finnish MariMatic Oy has over 25 years experience in the pipe collection systems and it has invested several million Euros in research and product development during last recent years. Currently MetroTaifun holds in Finland more than 50 granted patents and pending patent applications and on worldwide basis the number exceeds 500. Following its active R&D operations MariMatic has rapidly become the World´s technology leader, and the company estimates to become a global market leader in the automated pipe collection systems within next 3-5 years. There are currently dozens of Vuores-sized projects being developed in the World.

MetroTaifun system truly saves the environment

Unlike other pipe collection systems being marketed and sold, the MariMatic´s proprietary technology enables a true reduction of energy consumption required for waste collection, and hence, the emissions. The technology being used in waste collection systems was developed more than 40 years ago and at that time the energy consumption and emissions were not truly a priority." says Göran Sundholm, the Chairman of the Board of MariMatic Oy, and continues "In several cases the installation of the pipe collection system has led into an increased energy consumption in districts waste collection compared to a traditional garbage truck and container based collection - even doubled."

The MetroTaifun system consumes only 1/3 of the energy compared to conventional pipe collection solutions, and even up to 40% less than what is consumed with the traditional garbage truck and container based collection. By saving the energy, also e.g. CO2 emissions are halved as the same time the MetroTaifun´s specific novel features are designed to minimize the problem with odor, noise, and fine particles.

Creativity is in the piping solution and control system

Significant ingenuity has been the innovation to reduce the pipe diameter from 500mm to 200mm with the ring-line type pipe construction. The pipe size reduction is being made possible through the development of the MetroTaifun formator solution. The formator re-shapes waste bags to fit into a smaller pipe. The smaller pipe size and the connecting device enable fast and economical installation, requiring up to 25% less investment compared to competing pipe collection solutions. The ring-line solution in turn reduces the amount of blowout air exhaustion, thus saving the environment through reduction of the smell, noise and fine particles. Smaller pipe size also allows the system to be retrofitted into the existing city or community structure.

The City of Helsinki planning for purchase of two systems

The City of Helsinki has already launched a process to purchase similar system for their newly developed Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama residential districts. "It will be interesting to see how Helsinki appreciates domestic innovation and expertise on waste collection" says Göran Sundholm.

10 million investment into the new MetroTaifun Technology Center in Järvenpää

For the purpose of future product and business development the 6.500m2 building is being developed. The Technology Center is the first in the World to include the city-sized indoor waste collection system designed to conduct research and product development and further, equipped for full system demonstrations. Plant will be completed and inaugurated for operation by end of March 2011.

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