MariMatic is proud to deliver an Automatic Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS) as part of a bigger Tapiola shopping district renewal project.

Tapiola, once widely known as the Garden City of Espoo, opened Finland’s first shopping centre in 1968. Since then Tapiola has grown to be the un-official city centre of Espoo but lost its unique touch of nature and green values during the days of rapid growth of the district. Recent decision to extend the metroline from Helsinki to Espoo has boosted the renewal of Tapiola shopping district and the planning has been conducted keeping the original green values and nature in mind.


MariMatic is proud to deliver the next generation Automatic Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS), MetroTaifun, to solve Tapiola's growing waste management challenges. With MetroTaifun, different waste fractions are easily sorted, collected, and then transported underground into distant waste collection stations. This system requires minimal effort from shopkeepers and the process takes place without ever being noticed by customers of Tapiola's shopping-district.

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