Taifun Vacuum conveying solution ensures clean food production for Östermalms saluhall’s traders. Since 1888 Östermalms saluhall has inspired the people of Stockholm as well as tourists from far and wide with food at its best. Time has taken its toll and the beautiful food hall now needs renovating. Also, technical installations need to be replaced to meet regulatory requirements in terms of safety, accessibility, health, energy and the environment. From 2016 to 2018, the city of Stockholm will repair and revitalize Östermalms saluhall, transforming it into an eco-friendly and modern marketplace.

Vacuum Conveying System Markethall ostermalm
Source: ostermalmshallen.se

MariMatic Oy is participating in the Östermalms saluhall project by delivering a Taifun Vacuum conveying system for removing food waste from the food production facilities up to the street level. The Taifun system crushes food waste before it enters the food waste chamber enabling bio waste trucks to easily suck the waste, which is then transported away for processing into biogas.

In the spring of 2016, MariMatic Oy is installing the Taifun system for the temporary market hall’s use, which is built to serve customers during the renovation of the Östermalms saluhall. The second phase is to install the food waste conveying system for the Östermalms saluhall, according to the renovation project timetable.

The use of Taifun system ensures very hygienic food production as the food waste will be conveyed immediately into waste removal pipes. Some of the food waste generated in Östermalms saluhall is classed as ABP, animal based bi-products and this requires the food waste to be disposed of in a closed system with a max waste particle size of 12 mm. The Taifun system conveys food waste using stainless steel suction funnels and piping. Soon those working in the Östermalms saluhall’s kitchen will enjoy better hygienic and ergonomics in their work due to the convenience of the automatic removal of waste.


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