Salico Ltd's main operations are in wholesale fruit and vegetables, as well as producing fresh pre-cut table-ready sliced and diced vegetables and fruit. Salico is one of the largest Scandinavian private producers in the fruit and vegetable business. In its production plant in Juva, Finland about 150 tons of organic waste is processed monthly and, for its collection and transfer, MariMatic Ltd supplied a Taifun vacuum conveying system in 2014. Reliable system ensure hygienic and odourless production conditions, as the waste is immediately removed automatically through a closed pipe system.

"Our staff can concentrate on productive operations instead of transporting waste bins back and forth. Also, forklift truck traffic has reduced in the facilities when the waste is conveyed automatically and in a controlled manner, and goes straight into the bio-waste container," explains Simo Herttuainen, Head of Maintenance Department in Salico Oy.

In Salico’s production plant, three Taifun vacuum conveying system suction points collect the organic waste. One suction point unit is equipped with a shredder, to crush the thick shells of melons, for example. Taifun conveys organic waste from the suction points with a vacuum air flow through a closed pipeline to the bio-waste container and then on to an organic waste treatment plant. Taifun systems are easily customizable, easily expandable and their locations are unrestricted, so as to accommodate the various needs of production facilities, because the pipelines are installed near the ceiling.

 Vacuum Conveying System Vegetable Plant Finland

In Salico vegetable and fruit production plant in Juva bio-waste is collected and conveyed automatically to a bio-waste container.

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