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Since 1983, MariMatic has supplied almost 1000 automatic waste collection systems globally for food industry in slaughterhouses, professional kitchens, marine, and also to city, residential and industrial areas, shopping centers, hospitals, sports complexes and other applications.

Wipasz Poultry Processor in Poland

MariMatic Forge World-Class Partnership with Polish Poultry Processor

Wipasz S.A. has built a reputation as the pre-eminent Polish manufacturer of animal feeding-stuffs. In recent years, Wipasz has turned its attention to developing its meat division. To achieve its ambition to become a leading processor of poultry, Wipasz prioritised the construction of a state-of-the-art plant, delivering safe and hygienic manufacturing processes.

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Kapyysi Central Kitchen in Finland

Restaurant Services of Kymijoki, located in Kotka, Finland, develops and provides catering services. The company’s manufacturing unit Kapyysi pays great attention to the high level of hygiene in food production and customer safety. Kapyysi prepares over 14 000 portions of food per day in their professional kitchen.

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Tapiola City Centre in Finland

MariMatic’s Solid Waste Collection solution conveys  both solid and food waste.

In the renewed Tapiola City Centre in Espoo, Finland there will be a minimal need for waste trucks, since MariMatic® supplied MetroTaifun®, it’s Automated Solid Waste Collection System for transporting waste to the waste containers using strong vacuum air flow. The system was commissioned in April 2016 and it serves the shopping center AINOA in handling solid and food waste.

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Almarai in Saudi-Arabia

MariMatic Oy, located in Vantaa, delivers a Taifun vacuum conveying system to Hail in Saudi-Arabia, for the biggest new poultry processing plant built in the world.

The system has been installed and implemented in 2013 to the Almarai poultry processing plant. The system will efficiently and hygienically collect and separate waste and by-products from the processing of 36.000 chickens per hour.

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Salico in Finland

Salico Ltd's main operations are in wholesale fruit and vegetables, as well as producing fresh pre-cut table-ready sliced and diced vegetables and fruit. Salico is one of the largest Scandinavian private producers in the fruit and vegetable business. In its production plant in Juva, Finland about 150 tons of organic waste is processed monthly and, for its collection and transfer, MariMatic Ltd supplied a Taifun vacuum conveying system in 2014. Reliable system ensure hygienic and odourless production conditions, as the waste is immediately removed automatically through a closed pipe system.

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Östermalm’s Market Hall in Sweden

Taifun Vacuum conveying solution ensures clean food production for Östermalm’s Market Hall’s traders. Since 1888 Östermalms Saluhall has inspired the people of Stockholm as well as tourists from far and wide with food at its best. Time has taken its toll and the beautiful food hall now needs renovating. Also, technical installations need to be replaced to meet regulatory requirements in terms of safety, accessibility, health, energy and the environment. From 2016 to 2018, the city of Stockholm will repair and revitalize Östermalm’s Saluhall, transforming it into an eco-friendly and modern marketplace.

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