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There will be available stickers for each household waste type. The identification mechanism is based on RFID technology. From the consumer point of view the solution makes recycling process much easier and more cost effective.

By significantly optimising the waste collection process, the MetroSense solution reduces need of waste collection trucks and therefore dramatically reduces CO2 emissions.

Without forgetting to mention, when MetroSense is used in your community, the plastic bags are separated from the waste. The plastic bags can then be recycled or used as energy waste instead of ending up to the landfill sites.

"MetroSense represents new, modern way of organising the waste sorting logistics. The solution gives significant benefits to everybody: consumers, community as well as to the waste treatment companies. Let's say no to landfill," says Mr. Göran Sundholm, the Chairman of the Board MariCap Group.

MetroSense Oy was founded in May 2009 and is a part of MariCap Group which develops, manufactures,markets, delivers and services customers in several industries. MetroSense Oy develops and markets intelligent waste sorting solutions based on RFID technology.

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