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Taifun® hygienic vacuum conveying system is suitable for food waste management in every food production line where high level of hygiene and food safety is important, as well as working safety. Taifun technology, based on vacuum conveying systems, covers all phases in food waste management in the kitchens: collecting, conveying and handling.


• Reduces labour costs

• Automatic washing system reduces water consumption


• No waste is stored at work points, resulting in a fresher and cleaner work environment

• No cross-contamination between clean and soiled operations


• Fulfills today's requirements and demands

• All components made of stainless steel


• Correctly designed work points: the waste funnel is within arm's reach.

• No more heavy garbage bags or bins to be lifted/transported


• Waste stored at room temperature goes bad quickly. The waste is conveyed to the waste room without any delays.


Brochure: Vacuum Conveying Solutions for Kitchen Food Waste


Taifun Kitchen vacuum conveying

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